Some Farmers Planting Buffer Strips Now Are Able To Enroll In The Federal Conservation Reserve Program And Get An Annual Per-acre Payment For That Land.

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"It does make the most sense by a long shot to have something like this done as a local land management program," Jaschke said. Another big issue for counties is how landowners will be compensated for land taken out of crop production and planted with permanent buffer vegetation. Some farmers planting buffer strips now are able to enroll in the federal Conservation Reserve Program and get an annual per-acre payment for that land. But after the state buffer law takes effect farmers won't be able to enroll the land in the CRP program. Jaschke said the state is negotiating with the federal government to adjust the rules. Nelson, a Becker County commissioner and chair of the Association of Minnesota Counties Natural Resource and Environment policy committee, sees adequate compensation for farmers as perhaps the biggest unresolved issue with the buffer law. "This is a taking. The state can't just take control of our land," he said. "This is our livelihood so it's a real concern for farmers and as you know the commodity prices are down and there are some struggling farmers out there so it's a real problem." Nelson farms near Detroit Lakes and has enrolled buffer strips in the CRP program.

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